about me…


Photography is my passion….

I am crazy about salty licorice. Could even die for it.

I am Diana, living in Hannover, Northern part of Germany. I love to be a photographer. Few years ago I was based in Westlake Village, enjoying live and CA. Won’t miss this experience. It was really great. My heart still counts for this beautiful country and my heart is still over there. Inspired by many photographers from the US and from Germany I taught me everything. I am an self-taught photographer. I shoot almost with natural light. More and more I get out my old analog camera and enjoy taking pictures on film. I feel life all over my skin and enjoy spending time with friends. I like to travel and like flowers. I like the smell of fresh air after the rain, my daily latte macchiato and sun’s rays tickets my skin. Life is unique and wonderful. I am grateful for this journey which started and I’m looking forward to many new things which follows next.

Special thanks to Mareike Murray who took this pictures in my studio in Oct. 2017!

Hair & Makeup: Facedresses


 “Photography is my second language. – Gary Kapluggin”

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